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MATI Maniacs - New Membership

$ 79.00 $ 89.00

You're crazy for MATI.

Be among the first of your friends to get the lastest with the 2017/2018 MATImaniac Membership.

In 2017, MATImaniac Member input was used in our redesign. What will MATImaniacs help come up with this year?

Perks Included:

- Free Mixed 12 Pack Case with Order

- Limited Edition Maniac Swag Bag

- Quarterly Contests and Giveaways

- First Look at New Flavors. Get them online before anyone else can.

- Join MATI at our Events

- Exclusive Content

- Manaic Pricing. Just $24.50 autoshipped case price. $25.50 regular.

- Manaical Coupons. Get Coupons only available to Manaics

- Chart The Future. Help us with product testing, flavor innovation, and packaging.