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MATI Maniacs - Renewal Membership

$ 49.00


Fellow Maniacs! Renew before September 30th, and get the three optimized flavors shipped before they are available online to anyone.

Your renewal will start on the last day of your current membership, but you will still get all the new perks, including the new 2017 Swag Bag.

We are constantly improving the Membership and new perks may be added. Currently new perks include:

- Free Mixed 12 Pack Case with Order

- Limited Edition Maniac Swag Bag

- Quarterly Contests and Giveaways

- First Look at New Flavors. Get them online before anyone else can.

- Join MATI at our Events

- Exclusive Content

- Manaic Pricing. Just $24.50 autoshipped case price. $25.50 regular.

- Manaical Coupons. Get Coupons only available to Manaics

- Chart The Future. Help us with product testing, flavor innovation, and packaging.