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NC Holiday Gift Box - Small (Shipped)

$ 47.99

Shipped Gift Boxes are Unfortunately Sold Out! But if you are local to Durham, we are still offering them for pick up thru Friday December 23rd!

Why not give the ones you love a little extra perk this holiday with our NC Crafted Holiday Gift Box? This is the perfect gift for that special someone who needs a bit of hand craft in their holiday cheer.

All boxes are hand curated and packed. While all the contents and brands may vary slightly depending on stock, we ensure that we will include at least the following or their equivalent in value.

2 x cans of MATI

1 x Big Spoon Roasters Nut Butter Bar

1 x 3-9 oz Jelly/Jam

1 x Small Holiday Candle Tin

1 x 1-3 oz Salem Bakery Moravian Cookies

1 x MATI Shirt

Other Various MATI Swag

Ships December 15-16, 2016